Proposed Limestone Mining Plant

What is it? A 600+ acre limestone mining/cement plant DIRECTLY beside and behind First Baptist Church Dorchester on FM 902 – This affects more than a 30-mile radius due to pollution, traffic, water availability and contamination, air quality, and so many other things we love about Grayson County. Research what a Kiln is… You won’t like what you see. What will it do? Adversely Impact OUR Health because of Compromised Air and Water Quality due to Chemicals and Dust being BLASTED! Decrease Property Values! Damage OUR Vegetation, Landscape, and Habitats for Livestock and Wildlife! Increase Commercial Traffic! Forever Infringe Upon OUR Property Rights if this Permit is Granted! How Do We Protect OUR Way of Life, OUR Family, OUR Property, OUR EVERYTHING? Log in, Comment, Call, and Come with Your Questions on March 25th at 7 PM. THIS IS NOT ANOTHER CONCRETE PLANT. BLACK MOUNTAIN WILL BE BLASTING.

Click here to read The Mayor's Message about this situation.