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Cement Kiln Public Meeting with TCEQ Monday, March 25, 2024, 7:00 pm


Very important for all of Grayson & Collin Counties in Texas and Bryan County in Oklahoma.  A proposed cement kiln that is a major emitter of pollution is being considered by the TCEQ for the EPA for a Federal Permit.  There needs to be an out-the-door standing room only response so please take the time for you, your children, and grand-children to voice or show your support against this on March 25th.  For more details at the moment please see stopbmdorchester.com for more details and look at both tabs of news and take action.  The news has a story of the BM Dorchester owner being implicated in a bribery scheme and there is more info for the Public Meeting.  We will follow up in the coming weeks with reminders.

Thank you all for the community we have and the support!!

David Smith, Mayor